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January 18, 2010

9 Migrating from – importing by chunks and final checks

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First I divide exported file in chunks, my file is 1MB and have around 200 entries, but my ADSL upload speed is only 200 kbit/s.

Second I fix some entries when they can’t be exported with WDG HTML Validator – Direct Imput, just copy there exported message in body and click validate. (In mu case a “” was needed around href in <a> tag)

Finally I check all links a reffer in Workshops, some I fix some typos during fixing links 🙂

What if you ca’t import even after validation ?

Simple use copy-paste int into new entry (Yes this, way you will lose a original permalink !!!)


8 Migrating from – merging and fixing exported blogs

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First I prepare file with Permalinks and CATEGORY Fixes for each entry using Google search and ATOM outputs, see:

Part 12: Glassfish V3 Pet Catalog sample DEMO in VM ...
CATEGORY: opensolaris
CATEGORY: vmware
CATEGORY: glassfish
CATEGORY: virtualbox 
BASENAME: part_12_glassfish_v3_pet
- 15.1.2010 

Second I merge exported file with fixes manually, I also fix in Premalinks file a date in worpdress links.

Third I also fix a EXCERPT, I copy parts of it before hr tag adding there wordpress more tag

Parts from EXCERPT here.

Fought, after I will fix all wordpress date based permalinks, I will use them to search and replace old links with new date based wordpress ones.

7 Migrating from – Saving old urls and tags

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XML Atom is not only way to save old links and tags, you can Copy-Paste from Search results from using your BlogName and Author Name


January 17, 2010

6 Migrating from – Add old Autor as your Nickname

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On your blog name will be by default set a screen-name of Author, to avoid author selection o import you can change in your profile under My Account a nickname to original blog author name and select to be this one public name:

virtguru -> natiku

If you have more authors just add to blog new users with fixed nicknames

In export file now change your original name to your wordpress login:

AUTHOR: natiku -> AUTHOR: virtguru

Note: Natiku is anagram of my Surname Kutina

See ScreenShots:

January 16, 2010

1 Migrating from – Understanding Movable Format Pitfalls

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Understanding WeBlogger specifics

WeBlogger is shorting a Permalinks , so if you entries differ just in couple ending words, you will have in blog many similar links just with different number at the end.

Keeping same permalinks (at least a document part in URL) is important for search engines like Google to be able detect then yo clone/move your blog.

Understanding specifics

  • Custom layout: Menu on right and flexible width
  • Relative long technical articles, I often use a custom Summary (optional)
  • Entries are not created/edited in blog, they are imported as HTML peaces from Track WiKi
  • Custom layout with imported CSS from Track WiKi for PRE,TABLES tags

Export Stats: VirtualGuru blog in Movable Type Format has 1MB in about just 140 entries, so we will need good and fast editor to edi this file.

Understanding Movable Format Pitfalls

Movable Format Specification

Note:Olny entries are imported, also a Summary (optional) parts of entries are exported as EXCERPT, but they are used in WordPress differently 😦

Look like WeBloger don’t export all needed information in setup , so we will need to merger exported entries with aditional information …


5 Migrating from – Fixing Resources Links

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1. Make a working copy of original export file

copy VirtualGuru-entries-01162010T070230.txt VirtualGuru-entries-fixedresources.txt 

2. Replace a original Resource link to new Medial Lib one:

Still 3 replacements was done !

3. Replace Resources “/Directories/” with “/”
In my case I use just one dir deep, so I just mouse copy-paste dirs from old “Upload Files” page

/ESXCompact/ /
/JeOS/ /
/JeOSCocsts/ /
/eco/ /
/firsttouch/ /
/ipsmirror/ /
/petsample/ /
/virtwrks/ /

See ScreenShots:

4 Migrating from – Importing Resources (Files,Images,…..)

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  • I will just unpack a ZIP file by 7zip with No directories and Ask before rewrite options to unpack resources in one direstory
  • I use a Flash plug-in type download in to select all files in once – they will be loaded one by one

See ScreenShots:

3 Migrating from – Exporting to Movable Type Import + Atom

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Read: Importing from Movable Type to WordPress, but some tricks are not applicable when you will use

If you don’t want to fix media URL’s manually and you didn’t use folders you can simply specify a new resources URL in import menu.

  • Create a your new blog on
  • Add picture to Library and get default media url
  • Add this media url in export screen on WeBlogger
  • Export in all 3 available formats !

    1. Export in Moveable Type Import = for manual editing
    2. Export in Moveable Type Import (replace line breaks with spaces)= for scripted editing
    3. Export in Atom Syndication = You can read this format on IE,Opera,Firefox and !!! We will use it later to fix permalinks,tags,… !!!
  • Export all of your uploaded resource files as a convenient ZIP archive
    (it will also contain your customized theme, ECO in my case)

Export Stats: VirtualGuru blog in Movable Type Format has 1MB in about just 120 entries


– There is a suggestion to use a FireFox for export in (replace line breaks with spaces) MODE !!!
– Quick check show then Not all URL was changed to new media notes ? but export was very slow in this mode
– Backup structure of your resources files tree in WeBlogger
in text form or as screenshot

See ScreenShots:

10 Migrating from – Replacing text on Web with FoxReplace

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Replacing text with FoxReplace after blog entries are imported

Some long entries was difficult to read, due fact then I lost ability to migrate CCS from WiKi (Paid option on wordpress), so I use a FoxReplace module to add a blockquote tag against pre tags:

    Here is
    executon code/steps

2 Migrating from – Imported Movable Type Format Test Entry

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See Category Migrating From Weblogger
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