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January 18, 2012

The future of music industry is even darker – teraflop performance will open an on-thy-fly generated music era

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I am, as most of you mainly user of consumer oriented music, not an Audiofill – I am not listening music in HIFI quality just for pleasure to listen to it. Instead most time I use music as proper background noise to setup right atmosphere during my work or during for example my exercises to a lost little weight. In work I like on morning a slow symphonic music and after lunch more faster rock with more drums and guitars, during exercises I like some sort rhythmic one.

Sometimes ago I have chat with my friend musician about coming mainstream new graphic cards with magical teraflop performance and what new to do with them. He was excited about new sounds effects he can probably in near future generate with them and I was excited about genetic based algorithms progress (Sees GECCO conferences).

We were tinkering about this idea a little and as a result we have this vision:

“When you will have need to just consume music you will download a program which will generate music using genetic algorithms on-the-fly directly on your PC. You will be able to select type of atmosphere you want to have and you will be able to grow your music using many tune parameters to more fit your ears – you will be able to play with you music.

But most interesting will be then after you will grow your music you will be able to export your music as just mathematical model and share with friend or even sell it

Be open, isn’t will be very exciting to be able grow your MUSIC at FarmVille ?

Soon a VOCIAN language project will start, adding Genetic Singer Voice to Genetically Generated music. VOCIAN will be synesthetic language where words are sound nice when singed, but they will don’t have any meanings plus generated singing will sound natural to you despite what is your native language is.

Later various Neuro* groups will see a commercial potential , they will monitor your mood and will tune generated music to help you BETTER perform at work and be less tired when you leave it. They will also develop a learning mode helping you learning more effectively. But this will have terrible site affect – computes will be now monitoring you with build in sensors in your headphones.”

Today is day of boycotts against planned in US SOPA legislative targeting also a music piracy, here is my 5 cents:

Hi music industry, wake up, may be you are fighting with wrong enemy?


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