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September 24, 2010

12minutes: Chromium OS Internals: How to start X application = Using aterm to copy outputs directly to blog ?

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12 Minutes: Chromium OS Devel version of image have installed useful tools like aterm which is running under X ,
so we can copy commands and their outputs directly to Blog opened in Chrome Browser.

Get to shell first


You now have text terminal with X session

   screen 0: i915
xdpyinfo | grep visual: | wc -l

Start aterm in background with scroll back buffer 99000 lines and exit shell

 aterm -sl 99000 &
[1] 1796
disown %1

Now you can switch between Chrome and aterm – copy – paste stuff

Use Alt - Tab to switch windows
Select text in aterm with left click and mouse over
Paste in blog text filed with middle mouse button

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