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September 3, 2010

12minutes: How will Web OSes and Web Desktops change Cloud Usage Patterns ?

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12 Minutes: Chromium OS On CloudCamp & CloudExpo Prague 2010 we spend significant time during coffee breaks mapping how future of Cloud
based services and solutions will be influenced by new type of users which will live truly just in Cloud..

We identify then Web OSes and Web Desktops will plays a significant role in this user behavior shift.

To be able design, develop, deploy and test solutions for such users we need to better understand them so this is why I start this new section 12 minutes with trends

Will be idea of Network Computer finalized as HTML5 based devices ?

Last decade around 1996 started a boom of NC (Network Computers) , while boom of this devices finish around yeas 2000, we in SUN continue to believe in vision then The network is a computer Video, now 10 years later with power of Clouds, Broadband Internet and HTML5 we can finally see widely used concepts of Network Computers targeting masses.

Web OS – Chrome OS (Chromium OS)

Chrome OS is just browser on minimalized Linux system or not?

I see it as a good concept of how Web OS can be constructed, well we will see if html5 will be the real OS killer.

Chrome Web Browser have 2 years anniversary and version 6 was released

HTML5 Could Be the OS Killer

Google’s Chrome OS: Not the first Web-based OS

Take Your Work Into the Cloud With a Web OS

Google shows off new OS

What Exactly Is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS to work on tablets, netbooks, laptops and PC?

Chrome OS For dummies – Video Tutorial

Chrome OS vs WebOS

Chrome OS vs Jolicloud

Google’s Missed Oportunity – Opinion

Why Chrome OS Will Succeed – Opinion

Chrome OS Nettops – Why Not?

Conduit Releases Platform For Chrome App Development!

Web Desktop – ICloud

icloud is a free online computer with desktop, applications and storage.

Why Wait for Chrome OS? Our Review of iCloud, the “Free Online Computer”

Startups iCloud and Ghost Do Google One Better

ICloud Competitors

iCloud – Get in the cloud (Auto Generated Competitors)


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