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June 2, 2010

The Best Job Is Daddys’s One – Window Decorations = Paper Butterflies

Filed under: Daddy's Corner — natiku @ 2:26 pm

My my daughter still can’t draw or even fill very well yet, but she likes so much to work with glue.

So I make with here some Paper Creatures as Butterflies Window Decorations , here we use a technique to slice over a transparent papers.

This technique is more suitable for children under 3-4years then usage of special windows colors which are very difficult to clean from kids closes.

There are 2 sorts of transparent color papers, soft and hard, we have better experience with more thick hard one.

Most important is glue so she can easily work with it and glued surface will persist intact over time.

We have best experience with Henkel Liquid Stick, see photo.

For gluing on window glass we use a natural potato/corn based starch (used normally for wallpaper),
it’s not 100% transparent (a little with yellow tone), but it can be easily removed and most important it’s 100% non toxic.

Hint: Glue creatures on widow in place where you have sunshine going throw.

Note: Butterflies are only firs part, second will be grass and flowers.

See more Tips & Tricks in my Daddy’s Corner


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