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June 2, 2010

The Best Job Is Daddys’s One – Wicker Boxes from Rattan as Toolboxes

Filed under: Daddy's Corner — natiku @ 3:52 pm

As we start handwork’s sessions with my kids, we have tools everywhere.
So I make some Wicker Boxes from Rattan/Pedig as Toolboxes.

I use a pre-colored rattan roots based material in Europe called Pedig.
This material is now very popular, so you can get it in small amount for good price and already pre-colored.
Also many books or internet sources about Pedig are available with usage instructions and right construction tips.

TIP: I use a prefabricated basements (many sizes and shapes are available) with odd number of
3mm holes (13,15,17,19), it’s much easily to work with odd numbers of base sticks.

As a rod/pale is normally used a 2.5mm Pedig, but this is not enough strong for kids power, so I glue to holes sticks from 3mm bamboo kitchen skewer.
I measure bamboo rods, put sharp knife on mark and role bamboo to get very clear cut. I glue bamboo rods in with white paper/wood glue and left it dry over night.

Next day I put a 1.6mm Pedig into half-hearted water for half hour so they get wet to be soft and flexible.
On top I use a 2mm Pedig (You need to make it wet for about 1 hour), I press it down to fix it and glue it on place with white paper/wood glue before it actually get dry.

Important: If you will put Pedig into water for short time or you will let it dry, Pedig will crack easily, also don’t put Pedig in water for long time, it will get ugly – hairy.

Gluing is done with small 30gr bottle of white dispersal wood/paper liquid glue, in Czech Republic sold under brand Herkules.

See more Tips & Tricks in my Daddy’s Corner


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