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June 2, 2010

The Best Job Is Daddys’s One – FreeHand Painting (First Little Steps)

Filed under: Daddy's Corner — natiku @ 7:20 pm

Until about 3 – 4 year age kids can’t really draw or fill, but is important to practice a FreeHand Painting which can help them to get practice.

It’s very important to practice this techniques on really large sheets of papers which can bring freedom.

For this exercise we use a large (around 1m2) sheets of cheap packaging paper, most are light or brown brown colors.

First steps are focused on getting feeling of space, so we paint with fingers using white or gray gipsum/plaster or clay.

For this initial technique, simple mix gipsum/plaster or clay powder with right amount of water to get sticky liquid.

It this initial phase we don’t recommend to use colors, it will distribute our your painter.
You can use a one color of specialized finger paint, but it will be very expensive,
gipsum/plaster or clay is much cheaper, we use a colored finger paint set later,
after our young painter learn what is right amount of material to paint with.

Bellow is one of our best abstract painting with this technique – Chinese Dragon

See more Tips & Tricks in my Daddy’s Corner


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