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January 28, 2010

The Best Job Is Daddys’s One – Wall drawing ‘The Aquarium’

Filed under: Daddy's Corner — natiku @ 3:09 pm

When my daughter was 1.5 old , she found then in one Prague Shopping center they have nice painted wall with sea creatures,
I send couple evenings to paint our version of sea shelf, it takes about 20 painting hours + 6 preparation ones.

On then beginning I make a borders with flowers and sea-mew, after I sit with my kid on Google image search and we was looking on real sea shelf photographs to allow my daughter selecting creatures she won’t to have painted.

Creatures don’t need to be perfect, don’t spend time with projecting or transferring complex pictures, kids have big imagination and even simple ones looks for them dreamy.

Some tips:
– Use only solid dark color, light soft colors can’t be painted one over other
– Penetrate first wall with background color mixed with original painting material
– If you want to use shine, select one with micro granulates, so you can also mix shine directly with colors.

See Wall drawing The Aquarium Photos Galleries

See more Tips & Tricks in my Daddy’s Corner

Original Inspiration is big fishes, ours is on smaller space under window.


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