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January 16, 2010

3 Migrating from – Exporting to Movable Type Import + Atom

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Read: Importing from Movable Type to WordPress, but some tricks are not applicable when you will use

If you don’t want to fix media URL’s manually and you didn’t use folders you can simply specify a new resources URL in import menu.

  • Create a your new blog on
  • Add picture to Library and get default media url
  • Add this media url in export screen on WeBlogger
  • Export in all 3 available formats !

    1. Export in Moveable Type Import = for manual editing
    2. Export in Moveable Type Import (replace line breaks with spaces)= for scripted editing
    3. Export in Atom Syndication = You can read this format on IE,Opera,Firefox and !!! We will use it later to fix permalinks,tags,… !!!
  • Export all of your uploaded resource files as a convenient ZIP archive
    (it will also contain your customized theme, ECO in my case)

Export Stats: VirtualGuru blog in Movable Type Format has 1MB in about just 120 entries


– There is a suggestion to use a FireFox for export in (replace line breaks with spaces) MODE !!!

– Quick check show then Not all URL was changed to new media notes ? but export was very slow in this mode
– Backup structure of your resources files tree in WeBlogger
in text form or as screenshot

See ScreenShots:


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