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January 16, 2010

1 Migrating from – Understanding Movable Format Pitfalls

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Understanding WeBlogger specifics

WeBlogger is shorting a Permalinks , so if you entries differ just in couple ending words, you will have in blog many similar links just with different number at the end.

Keeping same permalinks (at least a document part in URL) is important for search engines like Google to be able detect then yo clone/move your blog.

Understanding specifics

  • Custom layout: Menu on right and flexible width
  • Relative long technical articles, I often use a custom Summary (optional)
  • Entries are not created/edited in blog, they are imported as HTML peaces from Track WiKi
  • Custom layout with imported CSS from Track WiKi for PRE,TABLES tags

Export Stats: VirtualGuru blog in Movable Type Format has 1MB in about just 140 entries, so we will need good and fast editor to edi this file.

Understanding Movable Format Pitfalls

Movable Format Specification

Note:Olny entries are imported, also a Summary (optional) parts of entries are exported as EXCERPT, but they are used in WordPress differently 😦

Look like WeBloger don’t export all needed information in setup , so we will need to merger exported entries with aditional information …

Original from

AUTHOR: natiku
TITLE: Tips from migration from to
DATE: 01/16/2010 06:53:40
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Virtualization
STATUS: publish
See Category <a href="" />Migrating From Weblogger</a> 
on new blog <a href="" />t</a>

Manual import test to see if we can simply edit entries:

AUTHOR: natiku
TITLE: 2 Migrating from - Imported Movable Type Format Test Entry 
BASENAME: 2_migrating_from_blogs_s
DATE: 01/16/2010 23:10:10
PRIMARY CATEGORY: "Migrating from WeBlogger"
CATEGORY: "Blog Migration"
CATEGORY: "Manual Blog Conversion"
TAGS: "From WeBloger to WordPress",Migration
STATUS: publish
See Category <a href="" />Migrating From Weblogger</a> 
on new blog <a href="" /></a>
This is an Excerpt test, click more if you see it !!!

Results of import test:

– Old Base name is inserted OK, so we can preserver permalinks !!!

– Primary category can have space
– Category and tags no
– import just categories, but they can be converted to tage in import menu


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