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January 11, 2010

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part 21: B130 JeOS First Touch – Reported Issues & RFEs)

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OpenSolaris 1003 Dev B130 JeOS Prototype First Touch (Part Five)

This is a initial First Touch for JeOS like configuration on dev release targeting OpenSolaris 2010.03 release, this is not a final Prototype
and content of final OpenSolaris 2010.03 JeOS Protototype can change significantly. This instructions are published for development
and testing purposes only. Please, send your feed back, questions and suggestions to

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype – Reported Issues (Bugs) and Suggestions (RFEs)

OpenSolaris 1003 Dev B130 JeOS Prototype First Touch (Part Five)
   OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype – Reported Issues (Bugs) and Suggestions (RFEs)
      OSOL1003 reported issues (B130 and newer)
      OSOL1003 OS Related Features

      Reported Issues during OSOL JeOS Prototyping (OSOL 200805 – 200906)

Last update 14 Jan 2010

You can vote on bugs to give them more priority and of course a comments are welcome too !

OSOL1003 OS related Features

Flag Days – Reports of integration of changes

Caiman OpenSolaris Installer

ON OpenSolaris Integration

Big Renaming

Distro-constructor files should use new package names after the Great Renaming

OpenSolaris package renaming

AI stoppers

8562 – Blocker bugs for AI Client design work

6561 – ability to tune number of retries for pkg during net install

Virtualization Assistant Live-CD Experience

13818 AI on Media must also support GRUB menu on serial port (TTYA,COM0)

13819 Consider to put DC on AI image so users can easily generate Custom Recovery Media

Python 2.6 only in Images

13238 Should remove SUNWPython and SUNWPython-extra from ai_sparc_image.xml/ai_x86_image.xml after Python 2.6 integrates

OSOL1003 reported issues (B130 and newer)

Issues reported in B130

13701 B130 Installing of SUNWcsd depend on X libs,its download 100MB and install 400MB

13724 B130 Live-CD GUI installation still deliver 18 packages with Python2.4 content

13878 SUNWxvnc undeclared runtime dependencies

13817 AI must allow to clean IPS cache after each pkg install to minimize needed disk size

Reported Issues during OSOL JeOS Prototyping (OSOL 200805 – 200906)

5551 Install of Glassfishv2 fail on restating font/fc-cache service

5523 OpenSolaris 2008.11 Automated Installer Guide docs need restructuring

5552 create-service -i -c options not update /etc/hosts, modify with dhcp tools fails

5553 man and docs have errors in command formating – please review and fix

5554 Cannot specify hostname in automated installation, its always opensolaris

5556 RFE: AI must provide way to switch of populating hostname from DHCP server

5558 RFE: Install-finish ICT_FIX_BROWSER_HOME_PAGE_FAILED must be soft

5560 DOCS: Right format of multiple packages section ai_manifest is not clear

5587 I still can get time 1968 on OSOL1108 RC2 (in Vmware ESX 3.5 u3)

5588 DOCS: Can’t su to root from jack when observing installation on client side

5589 AI Can setup incorrecly network in dhcp if network is not just whole C class

5592 Add param to DHCP initialization for IP range to MAC range One2One mapping

5758 Describe procedure how to unsetup once configured AI enviroment

5759 Docs are not clear if we support Nwam or network setups for AI server

5760 RFE: Implement in AI support for generating of small size footprint disk images

5761 RFE: Add into AI IPS PKGs install observability (dry run, dependencies, stats)

5762 Keep no reboot as feature, extend it with SSH access , add debug tips

5764 Implement stages in AI client install process and alow user to control them

5766 Add small sized fullscreen editor to distro (which can be used on CLI console)

5767 Add fullscreen editor to AI clinent, add more tools based on usability study

5768 CLI program SUNWgnu-mc has dependecny on GUI (X enviroment) ?

5770 Install docs (DC,AI and others) need common rule how to show XML

5772 AI docs need to be revied by read andalso by scenario driven execution

5775 Add to PKG easy way, so I can see pkg size and compressed size

5785 Document procedure how to FIX boot of OpenSolaris manually for P2V or V2V

5799 AI prototype must provide a way how to integrate with current Jumpstart Server

5800 Add to docs how can AI prototype coexist with current DHCP / Install servers

5993 Document procedure how to Srink VDisk with ZFS send/recevie for P2V or V2V

6789624 opensolaris 2008.11 swap reservation (refreservation) is lost during zfs send / zfs receive

5997 CLI service SUNWrmvolmgr has dependency on GUI (X enviroment)

5999 catalog.extract_matching_fmris – version filtering not correct

6790886 RFE: xVM-server must support import of Virtual Appliances in 7z compressed format

6795637 Implement full zfs root disk portability, zfs boot must not be dependent on install hardware config

6305 DC must be a able to install package from concrete REPO

6306 DC Stop on error must be improved before targeting wider audience

6353 PKG must allow to have PKG download cache in Memory (TMP fs)

6356 PKGsend mut allow to specify FMRI (timestamp) so we can clone package

4955 Installadm needs more informative error message needed when service does not exist.

4770 Installation of OpenSolaris fails on Virtual PC 2007

5739 AutomatedInstaller cannot find disks when default manifest is used

237 traceback on catalog update on depot startup: package <pkg> is already in the catalog

6513775 Implement full root disk portability, boot must not be dependent on install hardware config

6768204 dnet interface takes a long time to resume after plumb/unplumb in Hyper-V virtual machine

6479 separate pkg client and server packages desired

5394 OSOL1108 RC2 SUNWbeadm missing file and dependency, can’t make Pure CLI

5399 RFE: We must have command “pkg clean cache” to delete download cache

Related issues:

3398 slim_install should be removed from the CD during finalization

4772 Cannot install OpenSolaris 2008.11 on VMware Server 2.0


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