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December 18, 2009

Part 7: Quad-Core Workstations for Desktop Virtualization Projects – Backup / Restore

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For our virtualization projects like JeOS Prototype / Virtual Appliances / VM Templates we need to have Desktop hardware with latest Hardware Accelerated Virtualization support, currently this mean AMD = AMD-V and Intel = VT-x platforms.

Today is avaiable next (SECOND) generation of Hardware Accelerated Virtualization support focused onto improve memory performance AMD = RVI (Rapid Virtualization Technology) with Phenom CPU platform and Intel EPT (Extended Page Table) with Core i7 CPU platform.

This entry is part of HW for Virtualization Workshop

This hardware was used to create OpenSolaris 200906 JeOS Prototype VM images in 10+ Virtualization formats – Download

Backup and Restore OS Setup
   Format Backup Storage
   Initial OS backups with DD
   Select OS Backup / Restore Solution
   Backuping OSes with FS archiver

Backup and Restore OS Setup

Backup and Restore is important part of development in Virtual Environments where for example new OS patch can for example block needed HW/OS features, so possibility of quick restore will save a lot of time

Format Backup Storage

I will as primary backup tool Linux, so I will format whole third disk as Linux partition.

Note: Checking if we have disk formated right, EXT3 file size have limitations , if EXT3 block size is only 1KB, max one file size can be 16GB, this can not enough for backups.

mke2fs -j -b 4096 -L backup /dev/sdc1

Initial OS backups with DD

We will backup initially all OSes with DD, because such all disk partitions sectors disk backup is OS FileSystem? and Backup tool format independent, is best for initial last resort restore backup solution.

yum install p7zip pv lzo lzop; yum clean
mkdir /backup
mount /dev/sdc1 /backup
#Backup MBR and Partitions table (Assuming we use only 4 primary partitions)
dd if=/dev/sda of=/backup/mbrpart.dat bs=512 count=1
For Win XP
mkdir -p /backup/sda1-winxp/initial
dd if=/dev/sda1 bs=10MB | pv -N sda1-winxp -Wpteb -s  $(($(cat /sys/block/sda/sda1/size)*512))  -B 68157440  | lzop -1  > /backup/sda1-winxp/initial/install.dd.lz
#For Win  Vista
mkdir -p /backup/sda2-vista/initial
dd if=/dev/sda2 bs=10MB | pv -N sda2-vista -Wpteb -s  $(($(cat /sys/block/sda/sda2/size)*512))  -B 68157440  | lzop -1  > /backup/sda2-vista/initial/install.dd.lz
#For Win  7
mkdir -p /backup/sda2-win7/initial
dd if=/dev/sda2 bs=10MB | pv -N sda2-win7 -Wpteb -s  $(($(cat /sys/block/sda/sda2/size)*512))  -B 68157440  | lzop -1  > /backup/sda2-win7/initial/install.dd.lz
#For OpenSolaris
mkdir -p /backup/sda3-osol/initial
dd if=/dev/sda3 bs=10MB | pv -N sda3-osol -Wpteb -s  $(($(cat /sys/block/sda/sda3/size)*512))  -B 68157440  | lzop -1  > /backup/sda3-osol/initial/install.dd.lz
#For Linux
mkdir -p /backup/sda4-linux/initial
dd if=/dev/sda4 bs=10MB | pv -N sda4-linux -Wpteb -s  $(($(cat /sys/block/sda/sda4/size)*512))  -B 68157440  | lzop -1  > /backup/sda4-linux/initial/install.dd.lz

Select OS Backup / Restore Solution

For regular OS/DATA backups is better to use a ‘File System/Files’ level backups, they are faster , becuase they are backup only actual files, not deleted one.

We have experience with Clonezzilla , FOG and FSarchiver, see more in Comparison of disk cloning software

For this project I will use a FS archiver, its have good support for various compression methods and it support then in multi-threaded form FS Archiver – compression, this is a good bonus on muli-core CPUs which we have in this new workstations.

Note: For OpenSolaris? I will use on File System level ZFS snapshots inside system.

Backuping OSes with FS archiver

I use a [ System Rescue Live-CD] which is build with latest FS archiver versions (Use version 1.3.x or newer).

Boot System Rescue CD in 64bit mode with aktker64 so you can use while 8+GB of RAM Memory (You need a lot of memory, if you want to use LZMZ compression)

mount /backup /dev/sdc1
#For Win XP
mkdir -p /backup/sda1-winxp/initial
fsarchiver savefs -j3 -z9 -o /backup/sda1-winxp/initial/install.fsa /dev/sda1 -v
#For Win  Vista
mkdir -p /backup/sda2-vista/initial
fsarchiver savefs -j3 -z9 -o /backup/sda2-vista/initial/install.fsa /dev/sda2 -v
#For Win  7
mkdir -p /backup/sda2-win7/initial
fsarchiver savefs -j3 -z9 -o /backup/sda2-win7/initial/install.fsa /dev/sda2 -v
#For Linux
mkdir -p /backup/sda4-linux/initial
fsarchiver savefs -j3 -z9 -o /backup/sda4-linux/initial/install.fsa /dev/sda4 -v

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