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December 17, 2009

Virutalization reality 2010 – It will be a multi-hypervisor world !!!

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I found one interesting comment in this blog:

Four Virtualization Realities of 2010

Reality #2: It will be a multi-hypervisor world.

Will VMware be the main Data Center Operating System? Not with Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle, RedHat and IBM having a say. There’s Hyper-V, IBM’s AIX/LPARs, Citrix XenServer, RedHat’s KVM, and with Oracle’s ultimate solution TBD, there will be lots of potential options.

Microsoft will be successful working from the bottom up. Their product is improving and they have a solid value proposition in Windows-centric enterprises. It will be tough for VMware to compete with free. Hyper-V’s penetration will continue its growth in 2010.

Oracle and Sun may have the best end-to-end (Application to Storage) stack from any single vendor. How they will manage it all remains unclear, but I believe it’s an opportunity for them. They would need end-to-end management from the end-user to the bits on the disk, but I believe Oracle will be a significant player in the virtualization space starting in 2010.

VMware clearly is the incumbent, but it will not be the only player. 2010 will be an interesting year, as other data center hypervisor solutions become more viable.


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