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November 30, 2009

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part 9: JeOS Excution costs)

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Reduced OpenSolaris can be started on 256MB RAM, while Linux can started on 128MB RAM. Main difference here is them Solaris don’t have optimized kernel for Virtualization and its start more system services like “fmd”.

Another memory hungry part of OpenSolaris is ZFS and its memory located ARCH cache requirement for feasible performance, so minimum realistic size is 384MB RAM, if user want to evaluate image, for example see installed packages and so on without modification.

Another memory hungry part is IPS pkg packaging, weed even more memory like 512MB RAM, if user for example customize it with install/un-install IPS packages.

Virtual Disk Size

Gorwable Virtual Disks will significantly grow under ZFS and can’t easily shrink, only by serializing with ZFS receive/send. So ee need also make difference between installation image size (like output of “du” and distribution size of compressed Virtual Disk image. Due to usage of ZFS in OpenSolaris and its copy on write nature we will have get more significantly download size.

Preallocated Virtual Disks need to have significant space preallocated to DUMP/SWAP toning for used Memory size, on servers this can lead into large sized disks which is difficult to manipulate.

Customizations , Modifications and Update

IPS PKG depend on network, this can be a big issue if network is low , unstable or in “in house” deployments of images where security prohibit users net access, plus there is no common way to make full local repository. Current IPS PKG cache is on disk and can’t be officially in Memory (TMP FS) (I make a RFE for this), this makes a large disk fragmentation due ZFS copy-on-write.



  1. a "trim" like function (used by other operating systems to notify a flash disk about occupied but no more referenced data) would help a) using flash disks and b) to shrink unused parts of growable disk images.

    Comment by as — November 30, 2009 @ 12:10 pm

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