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November 30, 2009

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part 8: JeOS Installation costs)

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This entry is part of OpenSolaris JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) Prototype workshop.

Base on previous experience we set this this installation sizing targets for current JeOS prototype Max 200MB download size and MAX 1GB install size.

Install Type No of IPS Packages Compressed LZMZ size Install Size (du) Ratio No of Files Notes
CORE Solaris as RootDisk N/A (40?) 30 MB N/N N/N N/N File based systam installation in Recovery Console style
CORE Solaris Manual 61 90 MB 300 MB 30% 7 020 Just non official OpenSolaris CORE packages to boot, login (no drivers)
One-Purpose JeOS 100 105 MB 400 MB 30% 21 250 JeOS smaller setup with multiple Virtual Technologies Support – V2V Migration Assisant Live-CD
Common JeOS 158 150 MB 726 MB 20% 39 974 JeOS larger universal setup with multiple Virtual Environments , Teams Support
2008.11 LiveCD with GUI 610 640 MB 2745 MB 20% 79 554 Standard 2008.11 installation of version with all Languages
iPKG Zone 55 46 MB 232 MB 20% 8 622 Default installation of OpenSolaris IPKG branded zone (Some stuff is shared with GZ)
x86.minioot-safe N/A 136 MB 270 MB 50% 8 685 File based Nevada Recovery Console costs for single kernel AMD64 (gzip is 158 MB
Ubuntu 8.0.4 JeOS 167 106 MB 350 MB 30% 9 695 + dirs For Comparsion: Default 32bit Ubuntu JeOS install + SSH,MC stuff
Ubuntu 8.10 JeOS 202 117 MB 380 MB 30% 10950 + dirs For Comparison: Default 64bit Ubuntu JeOS default install

Note: This table represent internal experience and also public data on Internet, especialy from Milax – Alexander Eremin Blog

As summary, there are 3 primary reasons why current OpenSolaris JeOS consist from so many packages, this OpenSolaris JeOS have 150 packages, while full basic OpenSolaris Live CD install install have 555 packages, global 610 packages:

  1. To do not be dependent on network connection for instant evaluation (Most home evaluators have slow networs)
  2. To fulfill requirements of all participating team and have about of box experience for their users
  3. Some high level dependencies still missing in repository (only binary are guarantied for now) and they can’t be easily checked

In OpenSolaris 200906 JeOS prototype we was able to save about 20MB from compressed images by excluding JAVA (JDK) and some OS dependencies, even when we include full support for iPKG based zones.



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