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November 30, 2009

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part 7: JeOS Install Base Targets)

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This entry is part of OpenSolaris JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) Prototype workshop.

Lessons Learned from Amazon EC2 (AWS) show then network stability can be significant factor preventing users get instant experience, plus in Europe lot of users still have slow mobile connection or small download limits. We don’t have CD packages based install option as Linux distributions have, mitigation is to build as distribute Virtual Machine image with repository freeze, as I will demonstrate later.

Lessons Learned from initial PKG list creation show then IPS PKG repository design have capability to process dependencies, but repository content is not ready to drive CLI installs, there are missing high level dependencies, it’s demonstrated later on OpenSolaris 2008.11 CLI JeOS prototype. Also user experience with PKG in CLI is far from one on GUI, we missing better search capabilities in “names/groups”, easy querying of important attributes like sizing ,Debian like “suggest” feature and , Some CLI services are still dependent on CLI, like new “Removal Devices Manager”

Lessons Learned from Virtualizations forums show then users are now have more powerful computers, but they lost in mist cases wiliness to install multiple Virtualizatton products, this is because most of them now use Hardware Assisted Virtualizationts and will collide with each other, so if it will be possible we need provide more virtual images formats so user have choice to select not colliding one.

Lessons Learned from OpenSolaris 2008.05 , there is “no man pages, its very difficult to work in CLI without past Solaris CLI experience”.

Based on this experience it looks a better strategy for this level OpenSolaris 2008.11 / 2009.06 CLI JeOS prototype to have common ONE image with ONE development, ONE QA investments cots:

Target Implementation Comments
Selected Architecture x86 and x86-64(SPARC) OpenSolaris offer both architectures in one installation(Use SPARC port for 2009.60)
Selected Platforms Major 10 Virtualization Technologies Most Virtualization technologies emulate similar HW, so only limited set of drivers will be needed
Selected Environments Virtual Environments Support specifics need of Virtual Environments, like Cloud Amazon EC2 (AWS)
Keep Solaris Advantage Main OpenSolaris features Include major technologies which differentiate OpenSolaris
base on official GUI Live-CD installation – this will potentially also address supportability
User Experience Advanced Users Truly App Developers oriented, must not require CLI administration experience,
minimize work needed in CLI to run in your supported virtualization
User Groups Solaris ,OpenSolaris,Linux, Windows Solaris and Linux can be a GUI oriented developers with minimum CLI experience,
Windows support will be limited to minimum connectivity only
Network dependency Follow up Live-CD logic Out-of-the box experience for selected scenarios below without need to install PKGs from net

Some initial participation teams requirements on top reduces JeOS images was:

Team Requirement Package Size Note
Netbeans Editor with syntactic highliting SUNWvim 16.5 MB
Netbeans FTP server SUNWftp 346 KB
Amazon EC2 (AWS) EC2 tools – Ruby SUNWruby18 5.51 MB
Amazon EC2 (AWS) EC2 tools – Java SUNWj6rt 88.6 MB
OpenSolaris Install Python Need extra? Do we need Python Extra
OpenSolaris Install BE env beadm Part of System Core

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