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July 16, 2009

Metapackage is on DC and AI instaling faster then just list of packages

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During Reduced OpenSolaris 200906 Prototyping I found then installing is in DC and AI much faster when I use only fully local repository in addition with one Metapackage definition.

Here is sample code which can be used in addition of <a href=";Fully local IPS mirror for faster DC and AI experimenting to speed up DC and AI install process.

Note: To simplify operations and save space I use 2 separate x86 and SPARC repositories.

ISA_INFO=`/sbin/uname -p`
echo "INFO: We are on platform: $ISA_INFO"
if [ $ISA_INFO = "sparc" ] ; then
# Create manifest first
echo "set name=variant.arch value=$my_arch " >/tmp/sample.manifest.$my_arch
echo "set name=publisher value=VirtualGuru.localhost" >>/tmp/sample.manifest.$my_arch
echo 'set name=description value="Sample 200906 Prototype Cluster"' >>/tmp/sample.manifest.$my_arch
# Grep out custom Cloud/LDoms related packages from my default OpenSolaris 200906 list of packages FMRIs
if [ $ISA_INFO = "sparc" ] ; then
cat $1 | grep -v "^#" | sed s%\pkg:/%%| egrep -v "ldomsmanager" | xargs -n 1 | awk \
'{print "depend fmri="$1" type=require variant.arch=sparc"}'>>/tmp/sample.manifest.$my_arch
cat $1 | grep -v "^#" | sed s%\pkg:/%% |egrep -v "SUNWpoold|SUNWruby18|SUNWj6rt" | xargs -n 1 | awk \
'{print "depend fmri="$1" type=require variant.arch=i386"}'>>/tmp/sample.manifest.$my_arch
# Publish it with include command
eval `pkgsend -s http://localhost:10000 open jeos-proto@0.5.11,5.11-0.111`
pkgsend -s http://localhost:10000 include /tmp/sample.manifest.$my_arch
pkgsend -s http://localhost:10000 close

Here is sample of Metapackage manifest:

set name=variant.arch value=i386
set name=publisher value=VirtualGuru.localhost
set name=description value="Sample Prototype Cluster"
depend fmri=SUNWDTraceToolkit@0.5.11,5.11-0.111:20090508T152716Z type=require variant.arch=i386
depend fmri=SUNWPython-extra@0.5.11,5.11-0.111:20090508T152808Z type=require variant.arch=i386
depend fmri=SUNWPython@2.4.4,5.11-0.111:20090508T152730Z type=require variant.arch=i386
depend fmri=SUNWTcl@8.4.18,5.11-0.111:20090508T153013Z type=require variant.arch=i386
depend fmri=SUNWTk@8.4.18,5.11-0.111:20090508T153023Z type=require variant.arch=i386
depend fmri=SUNWadmap@0.5.11,5.11-0.111:20090508T153036Z type=require variant.arch=i386
depend fmri=SUNWadmlib-sysid@0.5.11,5.11-0.111:20090508T153039Z type=require variant.arch=i386

When installing use it in DC and AI like this:

<pkg name="entire@0.5.11-0.111"/> <!--  entire  incorporation  (Locked  for  200906  release) -->
<pkg name="SUNWcsd"/> <!--  Core  Solaris  Devices -->
<pkg name="SUNWcs"/> <!--  Core  Solaris -->
<pkg name="sample-proto"/> <!--  Sample Metapackage -->

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