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May 28, 2009

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part2: Design Basis)

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This entry is part of OpenSolaris JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) Prototype workshop.

How we design and create OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype

How we design and create OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype

Official OpeSolaris reduction strategies are not formalized yet, so we try to utilize Linux Distribution best practices and to define our reduction boundaries on thy fly , I will describe them later in techical parts.

Current OpenSolaris 200811 don’t have final CLI installer, so we need to create a procedures to get clean and potentially supportable/sustainable OpenSolaris JeOS CLI image with current GUI installer or use CLI install prototypes.

We use a feature of Boot Environments to develop initial JeOS image and we after utilize Automated Installer prototype for creation of smallest possible images. More information will be avaible in Developers Section.

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype Design Flexibility

For current OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype we try to put more focus on achieving instant good level of user experience, upcoming features of Automated Installer will allow de-select packages, so user of OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype will be able to tune OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype image by size with packages un-installing plus potentially tune content by installing additional packages feature.

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype user can decide to do not include for example Ruby and Java (JRE) programming environment during OpenSolaris JeOS build process,
if concrete OpenSoalris JeOS Prototype application will be oriented to Python programming community only, there still be possibility install package back from network repository.

What Works Well

  • OpenSolaris 200811 is enabled for initial experimenting command-line customized installations, we can leveradge new contrib and other repositories.
  • OpenSolaris 200811 is enabled for creating user customized installations on both sides repository and tools, we can encourage more users to experiment in this area
  • OpenSolaris 200811 is enabled to form base for various Virtualization enabled solutions, this prototype demonstrate ability to start various higher level Proof of Concepts

Most Visible Challenges

  • OpenSolaris 200811 core have many dependencies which looks as wasting space (USB and AUDOE drivers), we need good very small real CORE cluster to build small sized JeOS on.
  • OpenSolaris 200811 packaging group tools in large packages, Linux use many small packages, this is BAD, we lost space, this is GOOD, user will have all needed tools.
  • Although the installed packages in Current JeOS amount to under 200 MB in compressed size, the smallest VMDK compressed image with “bzip -9” is just around 300MB due to ZFS overhead.

Main Outcome

We file more then 40 bugs and RFEs , we participate in OpenSolaris Distribution and related tools design discussions , we leveraged for this OpenSolaris 5 forums.

There is many virtualization products out there, so we also try to investigate possibility to create just ONE Virtual Image with OpenSolaris JeOS prototype (today under VMware ESX, hope soon under xVM Server)
and we try to convert this image to other 10 main Virtualization products.

Having Out-Of-The-Box support in OpenSolaris for most common used 10+ Virtualization Technologies is needed to achieve support of OVF Standard Portability at level 3 in the near future.


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