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May 28, 2009

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype (Part1: Motivations)

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This entry is part of OpenSolaris JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) Prototype workshop.

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype Deliverables

OpenSolaris JeOS (Just enough Operating System) is small and compact command-line only installation, we provide here LightWeight Server Oriented OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype as preinstaled Virtual Machine images.

We describe and document procedures and best practices for creating similar OpenSolaris OS based JeOS environments to demonstrate flexibility of new OpenSolaris 200811 release and refreshed install tools.

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype Motivations

Create OpenSolaris JeOS = smaller server command line based OS enviroment as starting point primary for creation of Virtualized environments optimized for server side application like Glassfish, RoR or SAMP.

Main idea of this Prototype is concept of JeOS Just enough Operating System , JeOS can represent different OS setups, in case of this project we focus on creation of OpenSolaris JeOS to fulfill this 3 main requirements:

  • Just Enough System Environment with ability to extend, refresh and update reduced OS instance with focus on keeping needed supported CORE OS profile
  • Just Enough SW Publisher support tools for installing , configuration and debugging Hosting application like Glassfish or AMP servers
  • Just Enough User Land customization tools for additional installing, (re) configuring, extending and debugging of Hosted SW like Liferay portal or Drupal publication system

We try to avoid effect of over-reducing OpenSolaris JeOS image in this prototyping stage, so we try to keep Enough programs so we can still potential demonstrate Advantage OpenSolaris features,
for example we keep in OneSolars JeOS tools which differentiate OpenSolaris like d-trace or tools with make OpenSolaris more friendly to Linux users like sudo, top, screen
For 200906 OpenSolaris release we will also like to have crossbow – new network stack and full support for !OpenSolaris containers – ipkg brand zones support.

OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype Roots

This prototype is trying directly to leveradge past and current cross team experience from both Cloud Computing (3tera,Amazon EC2 – AWS) and Virtual Appliances (Desktop and Server side) areas. Main idea is to try build relatively universal OpenSolaris JeOS image , so we can sell the idea by enabling quick hands on experience and to accelerate cross team knowledge gathering and development by having same reasonable starting point, while keeping open doors for different per purpose OpenSolaris JeOS configurations in future , we try also to be in sync with latest JeOS trends Demystifying JeOS

Actual Prototype is one of main building blocks for SWI Virtual Tempaltes and Appliances initiative with background idea described in OpenSolaris Server JeOS Prototype


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