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April 16, 2009

Compressed ZFS Stream sizes in various compressing programs and OVF

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This entry is part of Virtual Appliances & OVF Workshop

ZFS filesystems use spread writes against all disk drive, it also use compressed metadata and finally it uses ‘copy-on-write’, so ZFS Root file systems is not easy compressable.

I take ZFS stream instead of virtual disk image, because streaming serialize ZFS data so it represent best possible achievement.

cat size.lst
1 349 109 704 (1287M) stream.zfs
157 661 607 ( 150M) stream.zfs.7z   7zip (Ultra)
224 619 877 ( 215M) stream.zfs.bz2  bzip2 -9
245 367 494 ( 235M) stream.zfs.gz   gzip -9
245 367 616 ( 235M)  zip -9
365 863 485 ( 350M) stream.zfs.Z    compress
  • Best possible compression tunable options are used on each compression
  • Most OVF bundles use as disk format VMSk#streamOptimized format (gzip, 64k block level), on ZFS root it get a little worth results then “gzip -9”
  • Upcoming OpenSolaris 200906 will deliver only one Live-CD media with LZMZ compression , because there are significant improvements in compressed ISO access performance
Best results can be achieved with this 7zip Ultra setup (LZMZ type compression)

Or 7z in CMD line version

zfs send -R rpool@stream | 7z a -si -bd  -t7z -m0=lzma -ms=on -mx=9 -mfb=64 -md=64m /opt/stream.zfs.7z
On 4 cores machine you can also use -mmt=4  (To use 4 cores/cpus)

ToDo: Dig OVF if we can support 7z (LZMZ) in some not “visible” OVF standard coliding manner


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