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May 21, 2008

Local xVM / XEN environment as main development tool

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Amazon EC2 is based on XEN hypervisor, AMI runs as DomU so any OS with XEN hypervisor implementation as popular Linux distributions, OpenSolaris Nevada and Indiana lines can be used for emulating Amazon EC2 environment for faster local development.

This entry is part of ‘OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2’ workshop

Because users don’t have access to Kernel/Ramdisk, they are located in Dom0 on RO mode. many issues with getting them before boot with PyGRUB from DomU image don’t apply, especially where OpenSolaris images with UFS or ZFS root is used in Linux based Dom0.

You can use rebundling process on Amazon EC2 for fast initial AMI creations, later you can download your private AMIS locally and unbundle (split into one image and decode) them. This is why it is good in process of rebudling set your password to root user, so you can after access image locally with console.

If you plan to run Linux based Dom0 is also good to get Kernel/Ramdisk images from running instance. t. m. save /platform dir with ssh.

I prepared XEN DomU OpenSolaris JeOS RNJS archives, its planned as Optional Feature Download, if somebody of you is experienced with XEN Hypervisor and will like try local development. Ask on Beta program email alias to get access to them.


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