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May 19, 2008

Porting Solaris to Amazon AWS (EC2,S3) – need for ec2ify scripts

Filed under: amazon_aws, cloud, opensolaris, Virtualization — natiku @ 5:18 am

We need scrips to support specific features of Amazon AWS (EC2,S3), yes, we need ec2ify our Solaris instances.

This entry is part of ‘OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2’ Workshop

Bellow I will demonstrate some ec2ify functionality, however main purpose of them is to demonstrate ec2ify process and issues, rather then make perfect suit all script(s).

I will create this ec2ify functionality:

  • ec2ify/ident To be able access created Solaris instance on Amazon AWS, we need to add ability to load user SSH key-pair.
  • ec2ify/me Optionally we can create simple instance parametrization and customizable on boot update / on shutdown backup functionality

Both ec2ify services will be created as Solaris SMF services so we can make they depend on other services, see more about Solaris SMF in Predictive Self-Healing – Bigadmin home of SMF

Note: This stuff will sit in /opt/ec2ify directory, SMF services will start with ec2ify name


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