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May 13, 2008

Determining OpenSolaris 200805 CLI JeOS RNJS configuration

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Get list of PKGs for OpenSolaris 200805 CLI JeOS RNJS confguration , focusing on xVM or XEN para VM, so we can also skip all HW drivers, Hura !

This entry is part of ‘OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2’ Workshop

1. Get OpenSolaris 200805 installed IPS packages info

Get list of installed packages
pkg list -s >/inst.lst
cat inst.lst | wc -l
567 (566 packages installed)
Get list of all files in installed packages
pkg contents -t file -o ",path" >allfiles.lst
Get installation size
df -h
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
4.4G   2.2G   2.2G    51%    /
2.2GB of space used

2. Lets create dream list of CLI only packages and lets pkg install select rest

I will select 112 main system CLI packages plus needed tools (based on Amazon JeOS needs)

cat CLIinst.lst | grep -v "^#" | wc -l
cat CLIinst.lst
# Core Solaris packages
SUNWcakr                       Core Solaris Kernel Architecture
SUNWcakrx                      Core Kernel Architecture i86xpv
SUNWcar                        Core Architecture
SUNWcarx                       Core Architecture i86xpv
SUNWckr                        Core Solaris Kernel
SUNWcnetr                      Core Solaris Network Infrastructure
SUNWcs                         Core Solaris
SUNWcsd                        Core Solaris Devices
SUNWcsl                        Core Solaris, (Shared Libs)
SUNWkvm                        Core Architecture, (Kvm)
# Basic drivers
SUNWaudd                       Audio Drivers
SUNWusbs                       USB generic serial module
SUNWusb                        USB Device Drivers
SUNWrmodr                      Realmode Modules
SUNWrmodu                      Realmode Modules
SUNWpm                         Power Management binaries
# Main System Utilities
SUNWesu                        Extended System Utilities
SUNWadmr                       System & Network Administration Root
# English language
SUNWlang-common                language support common components
SUNWlang-en                    English language support
SUNWkey                        Keyboard configuration tables
SUNWloc                        System Localization
# Of cource IPS !!!
SUNWipkg                       Image Packaging System
SUNWinstall-libs               System install libraries
# We use zfs root
SUNWzfs                        ZFS
SUNWzfskr                      ZFS Kernel
# More System stuff
SUNWhwdata                     Hardware data files
SUNWidnl                       Internationalized Domain Name Support Library Files
SUNWipf                        IP Filter utilities
SUNWzone                       Solaris Zones
# Can't install/uninstall  SUNWservicetag  ???
SUNWservicetag                 Service Tags
SUNWfss                        Fair Share Scheduler
SUNWpoold                      Dynamic Resource Pools
SUNWpostrun                    Delayed execution environment for procedural package scripts
SUNWpool                       Resource Pools
SUNWos86r                      Platform Support, OS Functionality
SUNWatfs                       AutoFS
SUNWkey                        Keyboard configuration tables
SUNWmd                         Solaris Volume Manager
SUNWcfcl                       Common Fibre Channel HBA API Library
SUNWcfpl                       fp cfgadm plug-in library
# Of course Dtrace !
SUNWDTraceToolkit              SUNWDTraceToolkit
SUNWdtrc                       DTrace Clients
SUNWdtrp                       DTrace Providers
# Some basic network stuff
SUNWbip                        Basic IP commands
SUNWbind                       BIND DNS Name server and tools
SUNWntp                        NTP
SUNWnfsc                       Network File System (NFS) client support
SUNWnfsckr                     Network File System (NFS) client kernel support
SUNWsmbfs                      SMB/CIFS File System client support
SUNWsmbfskr                    SMB/CIFS File System client support (Kernel)
SUNWroute                      Network Routing daemons/commands
# Of course some GNU stuffs
SUNWgccruntime                 GCC Runtime libraries
SUNWgcmn                       gcmn - Common GNU package
SUNWggrp                       ggrep - GNU grep utilities
SUNWgnu-coreutils              coreutils - GNU core utilities
SUNWgnu-diffutils              GNU diffutils
SUNWgnu-which                  GNU which
SUNWgnutls                     GNU transport layer security library
SUNWgpch                       The GNU Patch utility
SUNWgrub                       GNU GRUB - GNU GRand Unified Bootloader
SUNWgtar                       gtar - GNU tar
SUNWgzip                       The GNU Zip (gzip) compression utility
SUNWsfdoc                      GNU and open source documentation
SUNWsfinf                      GNU and open source info pages
SUNWsfman                      GNU and open source man pages
SUNWtexi                       GNU texinfo - Texinfo utilities (texinfo)
SUNWless                       The GNU pager (less)
SUNWcurl                       The C-URL Wrappers Library
SUNWgnu-idn                    The Internationalized Domains Library
# Programming Lanuages
SUNWPython                     The Python interpreter, libraries and utilities
SUNWj6rt                       JDK 6.0 Runtime Env. (1.6.0_04)
SUNWruby18                     RUBY language
SUNWpcre                       Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions
SUNWperl584core                Perl 5.8.4 (core)
SUNWperl584usr                 Perl 5.8.4 (non-core)
SUNWTcl                        Tcl - Tool Command Language
SUNWTk                         Tk - TCL GUI Toolkit
# libs and so on
SUNWlibms                      Math & Microtasking Libraries
SUNWpicl                       PICL Libraries, and Plugin Modules
SUNWpr                         Netscape Portable Runtime
SUNWsmapi                      Storage Management APIs
SUNWtecla                      Tecla command-line editing library
SUNWjss                        Network Security Services for Java (JSS)
SUNWlexpt                      libexpat - XML parser library
SUNWlibC                       Sun Workshop Compilers Bundled libC
SUNWlibgcrypt                  libgcrypt - cryptographic library
SUNWlibgpg-error               Common error codes for GnuPG, libgcrypt
SUNWlibpopt                    Command line parsing library
SUNWlibsasl                    SASL v2
SUNWlibsmbclient               A library that permits applications to manipulate CIFS/SMB network resources
SUNWlxml                       The XML library
SUNWlxsl                       The XSLT library
SUNWopenssl                    OpenSSL Commands
SUNWtls                        Network Security Services
SUNWzlib                       The Zip compression library
SUNWgss                        GSSAPI V2
SUNWxwrtl                      X Window System & Graphics Runtime Library Links in /usr/lib
# Usefull user land tools
SUNWbash                       GNU Bourne-Again shell (bash)
SUNWbzip                       The bzip compression utility
SUNWdoc                        Documentation Tools
SUNWman                        On-Line Manual Pages
SUNWsndm                       Sendmail
SUNWssh                        SSH Client and utilities
SUNWsshcu                      SSH Common
SUNWsshd                       SSH Server
SUNWkrb                        Kerberos version 5 support
SUNWtoo                        Programming Tools
SUNWunzip                      The Info-Zip (unzip) compression utility
SUNWvim                        Vi IMproved
SUNWwget                       wget - GNU wget
SUNWzip                        The Info-Zip (zip) compression utility
SUNWter                        Terminal Information
# Don't select tools for old packaging, they deppend on X/Gnome by SUNWgui-install
# deppendecy !!!
# SUNWpkgcmds                    SVr4 packaging commands
# SUNWswmt                       Install and Patch Utilities
# pkg -R /JeOS verify | egrep "pkg:|depend:"
# pkg:/SUNWpkgcmds                                     ERROR
#        depend: pkg:/SUNWgui-install@0.5.11-0.86
#                Required dependency pkg:/SUNWgui-install@0.5.11,5.11-0.86 is not installed
# pkg:/SUNWswmt                                        ERROR
#        depend: pkg:/SUNWgui-install@0.5.11-0.86
#                Required dependency pkg:/SUNWgui-install@0.5.11,5.11-0.86 is not installed
# Also CLI system 'beadm' tool is part of gui-install package ?
# But this is not critical,we can't easily reboot in Amazon EC2 anyway

Getting list of packages and resulted generated by pkg install

mkdir /JeOS
pkg image-create -F -a /JeOS
pkg -R /JeOS refresh
cat /CLIinst.lst | grep -v "^#" |  awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs pkg -
R  /JeOS install
DOWNLOAD                                    PKGS       FILES     XFER (MB)
Completed                                112/112 27482/27482 482.04/482.04
PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Install Phase                            33706/33706

Get aditional packages which

pkg -R /JeOS list -s >instJeOS.lst
Compare it with original list, no Additional packages selected, if you have some add them to list

Get sizes

du -s -h /JeOS
567M   /JeOS

Remove JeOS dir

rm -f -r /JeOS

3. Now we have list of packages

3.1 We can uninstall rest of packages from existing OpenSolaris 200805 instalation


3.2 We can install them on separate zfs pool into alternate ROOT in similar way as it is done for manual creation of ZFS root or check steps with ZFS comunity,
plus you can get help from installer community Caiman -GUI Live CD media installer


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