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12 Minutes with Google Chromium OS (Developer Version of Chrome OS)

12 Minutes with Trends – This section is dedicated to Google Google Chromium OS (Chrome OS) as one representative of upcoming fully Cloud oriented solutions.

I will focus for simple Chromium OS compiling, building and evaluation guidelines so you can quickly put your hands on it for first time.

Evaluating Chromium OS with 12 steps

   1  . How will Web OSes and Web Desktops change Cloud Usage Patterns ?
   2  . {In Progress} My 4 Long Therm Evaluation Scenarios of Chromium OS on Tablet, Netbook, AllinOne and NetTop systems
   3  . {In Progress} Is Chromium OS a just Linux with Web Browser? Yes ? Oh No NO !
   4  . Used $250 HW for compiling and evaluation of Chromium OS – on Single Machine
   5  . Installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for regular Chromium OS compiling and HW Linux test
   6a. 12 Steps to Building Chromium OS image on ATOM nettop HW using REPO
   6b. 7 Steps to Updating and Rebuilding Chromium OS image on ATOM nettop HW using REPO
   7  . Which compression is best for sharing Chromium OS images ?
   8  . {In Progress} Understanding USB flash drives generations in context of Chromium OS evaluation
   9  . {In Progress} Evaluating Chromium OS build on various USB flash drives 2GB ~ 8GB
 10  . {In Progress} Considerations for selecting SSD or USB3.0 disk for Chromium OS
 11  . {In Progress} Installing Chromium OS from USB flash stick to internal SSD drive
 12  . {In Progress} Updating Chromium OS from USB flash stick on internal SSD drive

Chromium OS FAQ & Troubleshooting

Building (Compiling) of Chromium OS is SLOW !!!

Evaluating Chromium OS in Virtualization QEMU/KVM, VMware and Virtualbox
VMware ESX is not supported out of the box by default Chromium OS x86 kernel ?

Chronium OS Internals

How to start X application = Using aterm to copy outputs directly to blog ?
List installed packages and their sizes on default Chromium OS devel image

Disk lauout of GPT partitions on USB and on DISK after install


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